The topic of promoting projects to the west is more relevant than ever. Companies are looking for new opportunities for business development, or banal stability. Webmasters are redirected to foreign markets to earn in dollars. The characteristics of the other environment dictate their own rules, not to obey them – not to be in the top. If you want to bring the project to the western market, then your task is not only to adapt it to Google, but to review the strategy of its promotion as a whole.

Where to begin?
May 19 in Kiev will host the third conference for SEO professionals –, whose goal is to gather SEOs in one place, provide an exchange of experience between participants and present practical cases for promotion to the Western market.

If you are just planning to enter the foreign market, but do not know where to start, or long ago with Google on you, but want to keep abreast of the latest trends, then the conference will be useful to you.

9 leading SEO-gurus will perform with unique cases, share their experience of moving to the west, talk about implemented strategies. Reports were selected in such a way as to cover the key components of any SEO strategy:

On-page optimization
Content marketing
Site building
At the end of each report there is time for a Q & A session and each participant will have the opportunity to ask questions of interest to him.

Who will perform at
Historically, the best SEO practices of the West and the CIS perform annually at the SEMPRO conference. 2017 will not be an exception, invited speakers are leading SEO specialists from Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Finland.

This time the speakers will be:

More details about the speakers you can find on the site.

What is special about
Orientation to the west. Our goal is to increase the skills of SEO professionals focused on foreign markets. Therefore, in the lecturers we selected practitioners with relevant experience, regardless of whether they are well-known speakers.
Networking. Since our first conference, we have focused on informal communication. We give an opportunity to exchange experience between the participants, to find new acquaintances and to communicate with the speakers on the sidelines. At, we plan to further strengthen this direction.
Aptepati. Epic, explosive, exciting – that’s how the participants described our last year’s after-party. This year we will keep the bar. You will have a great party, a rich show program and an excellent company.



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