IDC-2019 . How was it?

On March 16, the fourth IDC-2019 conference was held, which, according to the participants, became one of the best on the market. We received a lot of positive feedback about the content part, the level of the organization, afterparty. Find out how it went, what was interesting and new, and see the photo report).

The participants
The audience of IDC-2019 is growing every year: a young generation of seo-specialists is growing up, and the number of guests from Russia and Belarus is increasing. Moreover, this year we met guests from Lithuania, Poland and Italy.

A total of 450 participants registered, and almost all came, and this is rare for any event. No less popular is the online inclusion: this year recorded 497 views.

The bet on quality content is our everything. And this time the program turned out to be so classy that during the reports the participants were practically not visible in the hall. We have collected really good speakers, among them Kevin Gibbons, Victor Karpenko, Yuri Titkov, Andrey Kapeltsov, Olga Tatarinova, Denis Narizhny, Oleg Salamaha and other SEO-world gurus.

At the last minute, speaker Chase Reiner of California canceled his speech, but we think that many even sighed, as they did not have time to absorb useful information and write down all the chips)

Our partners helped us make the day. The general partner of IDC-2019 was the RushAnalytics service, discounts and accesses to which were offered to our participants.

The conference would not have taken place without our regular partners PRNEWS, SEOfirst, Edu-Profit.

At the booth of the organizer Trionika, this time they offered everyone to relax, immersed in massage chairs. One participant, whose name is held in secret, even set a record – 2 hours of continuous relaxation 🙂

What was new this time?
Of course, the new Mercure conference room. Spacious and bright rooms, equipped with advanced technology, a huge exhibition hall with networking areas, monitors with the translation of reports even in the dining hall. In a word, we were not mistaken in choosing this site.

Ask me anything panel. This is the first time that the day part of the conference ended. Many participants took the opportunity to hear the views of several speakers on their own question. It was interesting, informative and with humor (and how without it, you saw the list of speakers 🙂

Traditionally, the afterparty is a grandiose event that completes IDC-2019. This time was no exception: incendiary dances, rivers of alcohol, a lot of prizes from the partner Edu-Profit, a rich show program. And Biokukly, probably, already became a visiting card of our afterparty.

Everyone just talked, danced and drank, so there was so much food that we could feed the needy. In general, they had a great time and did a good deed 🙂


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